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Drama and Poetry from Sugarhouse Press

Tears of St. Lucy  

By Don Bliss, drama

Paperback, 39 Pages 


Price: $10.00 

Beneath the streets of Boston, a story unfolds of ambition, vanity, faith and the incorrigible nature of humanity. Martin and Mary Doul, both blind, are two of the many street people who take shelter in the Blue Line of the MBTA. When Cardinal Lowe comes into the possession of a valuable relic unearthed byBoston's "big dig", he sees his opportunity to restore the church's tarnished image while changing the lives of the unwitting couple forever. A modern dayretelling of John Synge's "The Well of the Saints."   -purchase this title-  (20 copies necessary for production rights)
Voices from September 11th By Don Bliss, Bill Comeau, drama

Paperback, 66 Pages

Price: $11.99

Arising from the initial pain, anguish, fear, and hopelessness, young voices rise together to articulate the youthful consciousness of the watershed event ofthe 21st century. Written for and developed by high school actors in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, "Voices from September 11th" presents the clear,candid and indomitable spirit of America's youth in the face of her greatest modern tragedy. 4-10m/5-17f, multiple interiors and exteriors. May beperformed as full length, assembly length or as monologues.  -purchase this title-    ebook   (20 copies necessary for production rights)
The Power of Darkness By Don Bliss, drama

Paperback, 43 Pages 

Price: $10.00

Banned in Russia for decades after its writing, Tolstoy's "The Power of Darkness" is the product of an age of political violence and the search for personal responsibility. Nikita seduces a young and vulnerable Marinka and then marries Anisiya, who has murdered her husband. Soon tired of her, he impregnates her daughter, and then conspires to murder the baby. The entire household is drawn deeper into the darkness of sin and depravity until the inevitable climax. Adapted to an assembly length one act, this piece makes for stirring drama in the constructivist classroom. 9m, 8w plus extras, singers. 1 Int., 1 Ext.  -purchase this title-  ebook    (20 copies necessary for production rights)
Mikado Enterprises, L.L.C. By Don Bliss, drama

Paperback, 70 Pages

 Price: $9.00

Executions have been traded for terminations in this rollicking update of the Gilbert and Sullivan classic. Katisha is now the elderly cleaning lady, while the hapless Koko is the Vice President of Human Resources who must terminate anyone involved in an office romance - including himself! Along comesNanki-poo, the IPS delivery driver who is adored by the "three little girls from the (secretarial) pool!" See them all scramble when the CEO springs a surprise visit to the Boardroom!  -purchase this title-   (20 copies necessary for production rights)
Dickens' A Christmas Carol By Don Bliss, drama

Paperback, 64 Pages 

Price: $8.00

Charles Dickens' timeless classic re-adapted for the 2010 Viking Theater Company production brings the audience once again into the cold and dark rooms of Ebenezer Scrooge that, like his heart, will be transformed by a succession of spectral visits.  -purchase this title-   ebook    (20 copies necessary for production rights)
The Girl Who Left Forty-two Messages By Tiffany Lynn Swale, poetry

Paperback, 48 Pages  

Price: $5.99

Tiffany Swale began writing poetry in middle school. Her writing has always been an outlet, a way to cope with her feelings and to deal with her depression and anxiety; a way to deal with her trials in life. The purpose of this, her very first book is to inspire and challenge young adults to know that there is always hope.  -purchase this title-
Woods and Fire By Maroby Walls, poetry

Paperback, 54 Pages 

Price: $5.99

Buckle your seat belt and come along for a ride that always takes you to the brink of your own discomfort, but always returns you safely back to the platform through glimpses of this remarkable young woman's stamina, creativity and grit.  -purchase this title-
Greetings From Comeauville By Bill Comeau, poetry

Paperback, 112 Pages 

Price: $15.00

100 short poems from poet, painter and preacher Bill Comeau -  poems that will inspire, challenge and amuse. -purchase this title-   ebook
The Tao of Pokey By Bill Comeau, poetry Paperback, 120 Pages  Price: $15.00 100 more poems from the very talented pen of Bill Comeau -purchase this title-
The Dream Was to Soar Through Walls By Susan Chandel, poetry

Paperback, 52 Pages  

Price: $10.00

"In 'The Dream Was to Soar through Walls', Susan Chandel has gathered an exotic assemblage of memoir and poetry that embraces the ethereal, while remaining fully engaged with the circumstances of a life of loss and survival.  Part travelogue and part elegy, this is writing that will intrigue any reader with the courage of its passionate intimacy and the vibrancy of its imagistic surprises."  - Walter E. Butts, 2009-2014 New Hampshire Poet Laureate.  -purchase this title-   ebook
Not to Burst Your Bubble or Nothin' By Bill Comeau Paperback, 112 Pages  
Price: $12.00

More scintillating words from Massachusetts poet Bill Comeau. Some of his “early works” (1955–1976) in print for the first time. This volume of poetry chronicles Bills years at Hartford Seminary, Bangor Theological Seminary, University of New Hampshire, Haverhill High School and spanning the decades to recent years. These are the sometimes poignant, always witty thoughts of a dyslexic, bipolar kid driven to impulsive actions and convinced that he would not make it beyond his 36th birthday in 1977.  Bill exhorts readers to "enjoy, reflect on whatever you’ve been told about your prospects, your talent,or your future… and never stop creating what makes you happy. -purchase this title-

Ruth Blay's Saddest Day by Bill Comeau One Act play script, 22 pages, Price: $7.00 On December 31, 1768, Ruth Blay of South Hampton, NH was hanged for the crime of Concealment — the alleged burying of a stillborn child in order to conceal a pregnancy. On that unfortunate day, between 10am and Noon, the High Sheriff, Thomas Packer, despite the protests of the large crowd, dispatched the convict, even as, according to legend, her reprieve from Governor Wentworth was en route.  This thought provoking treatment of that tragedy draws upon the 1858 poem ‘The Ballad of Ruth Blay’, by Albert Leighton, set to music by the author; and examines the morality of colonial theocracy, and the status of women throughout the ages. -purchase this title-
Fin, Fur and Feather by Don Bliss 3 One Act Plays, paperback, 98 pages. Price: $11.99 Five Easy Pisces - The lobby aquarium fish of the Sculch Cove Playhouse are working through the usual challenges of mounting a production of “Othello” on a very limited budget, amidst the intrigues of theater life and complicated “interpiscene” relationships. | The Cattish Play - Sick of performing commercially successful yet banal musical material, a professional company of cats experiences the upheaval of dissent, the treachery of ambition and the smothering kitty litter of death, as certain members of the company are hell-bent on producing much darker motifs. | Fowl Play - The Chicken Coop is home to two feuding groups, and in response to the constant fighting the Coop leader has issued an edict that will impose expulsion on anyone caught fighting. Against this backdrop, young Danny on the football team falls for Sandy, the drama club's leading lady (about to play Juliet in the upcoming play.)  Together, they live out the famous final scenes of Shakespeare's star-crossed lovers. - purchase this title-