Fiction and Non-Fiction from Sugarhouse Press
  Good News fer Bad Dawgs!! By Pete as told to Pastor Don Bliss

Paperback, 32 Pages  Price: $14.00

Pete lives on the high shelf in the study of his Pastor friend and comes down to speak occasionally in churches to delighted gatherings of children who hang on his very doggish interpretations of Scripture. Here are twelve of Pete's takes on theology from the simple perspective of a dog puppet!  -Purchase this title-

  Domini Canes
 By Pete as told to Pastor Don Bliss

Paperback, 40 Pages   
Price: $16.00

In old churchy language, “Domini Canes” means “Hounds of the Lord.” Dominicans are  friars whose main interest is in preaching the Good News. The order is called the Order of Preachers, so they use the postscript O.P. Pete, the dog, in his second book of devotionals [Good News fer Bad Dawgs] insists that "OP" stands for “Old Pete”, and that the Dominicans are made up of monks, nuns, and dawgs like him! Hang on to your hat, or at least your collar, as Pete, sharing from the GNBDV [Good News for Bad Dawgs Version] of Scriptures tells it like it is - to him. Maybe to you too! -Purchase this title-


The Tattler's Almanac By Don Bliss

Paperback, 218 Pages 

Price: $15.00

As seasons march ever onward, stories of love, tragedy, loss, heroism, and faith transcend from private lives to public knowledge throughout every small town. Spend some time in Hilltown where the folks are friendly, the trees have ears, and prattle is never out of season.  -Purchase this title-  ebook

  A Far Way Home By Marge Whittaker Paperback, 285 Pages  Price: $20.00
"A Far Way Home" chronicles the epic journey of Josiah Stevenson as he seeks to rediscover the value and meaning of life deep in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Having left home to join with Washington's "rabble army" in Boston, Josiah must put together the pieces of his shattered life following his experience of war. Slowly, atop "Old Craggy Mountain", his farm, family and faith lead him through an extended parable of grace rediscovered.-Purchase this title-  ebook
  The Trapper's Choice By Marge Whittaker

Paperback, 186 Pages 

Price: $20.00

The saga which began with Josiah Stevenson atop New Hampshire's 'Old Craggy continues in "The Trapper's Choice." In 1836, David Eldridge treks through the Rockies on an epic journey of fur trapping and self discovery. Having left the love of his life  back in Arkansas, David lives with and learns from the old trappers who instill the wisdom of the mountains in him. Torn between the freedom of the mountains and the sweet enslavement of his lover's arms, young David comes of age crisscrossing the American West, and wrestling with "the Trapper's Choice".  -Purchase this title-

  Crawdad's Hole
 By Marge Whittaker

Paperback, 152 Pages 
Price: $15.00

In the years following World War II, still struggling to understand the effects of “ combat exhaustion”, later known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a young Kentucky family relies on the bond of love alone to piece together lives shattered by the events of December 7, 1941. -Purchase this title-


  The Reformed Pastor By Richard Baxter

Paperback, 168 Pages 

Price: $10.00

"The Reformed Pastor is a most extraordinary performance, and should be read by every young minister, before he takes a people under his stated care;" - Philip Dodderidge, D.D. -Purchase this title-

  The Art of Creative Coping By Dr. Bill Comeau

Paperback, 102 Pages  Price: $20.00

THIRD EDITION. It all begins with a blank page and a real-life coping problem. What ends up on the page and how much it helps you cope depends on two things: how hard you're willing to work, and how honest you can be with who and what you really are.  As it turns out, perception is not reality; only reality is reality. Perception is your mind getting fooled by a bunch of facts that seem to add up to more than they really do.  -Purchase this title-

  Raised by Wolves: A Memoir By Bill Comeau

Paperback, 96 Pages  Price: $15.00

The semi-true stories of the early days growing up in the small city of Haverhill, Massachusetts and the small towns of Danville and Hampstead, New Hampshire - in poetry, remembrances, and illustrations. -Purchase this title-  ebook





Sòm et Pwomès
By Pastè Don Bliss
Paperback, 64 Pages
Price: $4.00

The perfect take along for mission trips to Haiti. "Psalms and Promises" - selected Scriptures translated into Haitian Creole. Priced to buy in bulk. -Purchase this title-


"The Well Seasoned Church Cookbook
E. Freetown CCC

Paperback, 150 Pages
 Price: $13.00

What is better than eating? Eating with family and friends! The dining experience, like all other life experiences is richer when we can share in it with other folks. Dining with friends and family multiplies the enjoyment. Even Jesus often went to dinner with his friends. All this demonstrates God’s goodness to us in calories - something we can actually measure!  -Purchase this title-

  The Pilgrim's Progress 
By John Bunyan
Paperback, 175 Pages 
Price: $10.00

One of the great works of Protestant literature, John Bunyan’s 'The Pilgrim’s Progress' has remained in print for over 300 years since its initial publication in 1678. Officially titled: "The Pilgrim's Progress from this world to that which is to come: delivered under the similitude of a dream wherein is discovered the manner of his setting out, his dangerous journey; and safe arrival at the desired countrey [sic]." This edition features over 30 vintage illustrations by George Woolliscroft- Rhead, Frederick Rhead, and Louis Rhead. -Purchase this title-


To Stand Before Jealousy
 By Marge Whittaker

Paperback, 188 Pages
 Price: $20.00

Albert alone seemed to be aware of his older brother Fred’s dark side; that he kept hidden from almost everyone else - the side that lashed out at small defenseless animals and at his adoring younger brother. Marge Whittaker explores discord and disgrace, courage and  cowardice, retaliation and redemption in "To Stand Before Jealousy" - the third book in her 'Craggy Mountain' series.  -Purchase this title-     

  Willy the Dog 
By Bill Comeau

Paperback, 32 Pages  Price: $10.00

(The Wit and Wisdom of) Willy the Dog By Bill Comeau  ... I soon realized that we hadn’t rescued Willy, he had come to rescue us and to teach us about patience, and what is really important in this world...  -Purchase this title-   ebook


The Red House Inn by Marge Whittaker

Paperback, 140 Pages Price: $14.99

 The fifth book in the Craggy Mountain series, The Red House Inn details the coming of age of Ansel Stevenson - his trials, temptations and triumphs, as he seeks to find his calling and purpose at the dawning of the 20th century in the mountains of New Hampshire. Through sickness and health, love and loss, young Ansel must stay true to a vision he has been given. Does he have the strength and support to see it through? Only time spent at the Red House Inn will tell. - purchase this title-


Seeking Solid Gold, by Bill Comeau

Paperback, 138 pages Price:  $15.00

 An aspiring singer-songwriter in 1968 New York pursues his dream of scoring big in the music industry - and with his leggy, Midwestern dream date, who just happens to dance with the Rockettes. Does love have a chance where ambition is concerned? -purchase this title-