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Tiffany Swale was born as 1 of 6 children. At 7 years old she was taken away From her parents and entered foster care, where she lived  the balance of her childhood. She is a student at Bristol Community College. She began writing poetry in middle school but started seriously in high school. She began writing as an outlet, a way to cope with her feelings and to deal with her depression and anxiety; a way to deal with her trials in life. Her desire is to inspire young adults, let them know that there is always hope.

Don Bliss, in addition to writing, and directing high school theater for 22 years, is a Congregational Pastor in southeastern Massachusetts. He has worked as an Artist in Residence in the public schools and as an actor, performing in both professional and amateur settings on Cape Cod and in New York.

The Reverend Doctor William P. Fillebrown was the Pastor of the Chiltonville Congregational Church for 15 years, previously serving churches in Massachusetts, California and New Jersey. He ws an active member of The Theological Commission of the International Congregational Fellowship. For many years he  taught at seminaries in Ukraine, Turkey, Lebanon and Brazil. He enjoyed visiting students at their seminaries in Africa, China and South America. Bill loved reading, playing the guitar, sports and stimulating conversation.

Maroby Walls lives and creates among a circle of young and talented artists at the gateway to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. In addition to her wordcraft, she is an accomplished singer/songwriter, illustrator and actress. Her current projects include a graphic novel collaboration and an exploration of science fiction. Generally quiet and reserved, Maroby lets her pen do her talking, whether it's on a sketch pad, a notepad or staff paper. Buckle your seat belt and come along for a ride that always takes you to the brink of your own discomfort, but always returns you safely back to the platform through glimpses of this remarkable young woman's stamina, creativity and grit.

Marjory Horn Whittaker has lived her entire life in Southeastern Massachusetts where, after a life as a wife, mother, grandmother and Sunday School teacher, she discovered her gift of writing after her 75th birthday. She spends her days feeding her birds,attending Bible Study, participating in her Writer's Group and working on her next novel.

Susan Chandel has been writing poetry, prose and creating objects d'art for many years. Her journeys in life began in Duxbury, Massachusetts and find her, at least for the moment, in the great expanses of the American West. Sue has a passion for karaoke and poetry slams. She is a tireless advocate for the mentally ill, has two grown children, and is companion to a domineering chihuahua.

Bill Comeau spurned a full scholarship to study art at the Museum School in Boston in order to become a songwriter and join the folk music movement of the 60’s. As a songwriter, Bill has produced twelve albums and 3 Grammy nominations. Also an accomplished painter and playwright, Bill has been published by Contemporary Drama, Baker’s Plays, Sugarhouse Press,  and the United Church Press. In his spare moments, Bill is an Adjunct Professor in southeastern Massachusetts.